Shipping Information

Here at Rainbow Road Supply, the various items I’ve designed are made-to-order. As a result, production can take between 2 and 9 days (on the busy end). Add the estimated shipping time you received at check-out and you should have the total number of days it takes to get your order from submission.

If you are ordering any clothing item for a festival or as a gift, it is helpful to keep this timeframe in mind.

Shipments outside of the United States may incur additional fees depending on the destination country. The fee may vary depending on your order value, country limits, and other factors based on the product itself. If you’re making such an order, you are responsible for these fees. Any such fees are paid by you to appropriate customs agencies.

If you’re ordering different types of products, items may ship in separately because of the packaging required.

For more information check out my FAQ page.